Beispiel #1
static void onConsoleMessage(Ewk_View_Smart_Data*, const char* message, unsigned int lineNumber, const char*)
    // Tests expect only the filename part of local URIs
    WTF::String newMessage = message;
    if (!newMessage.isEmpty()) {
        const size_t fileProtocol = newMessage.find("file://");
        if (fileProtocol != WTF::notFound)
            newMessage = newMessage.left(fileProtocol) + urlSuitableForTestResult(newMessage.substring(fileProtocol));

    // Ignore simple translation-related messages and unnecessary messages
    if (newMessage.contains("Localized string") || newMessage.contains("Protocol Error: the message is for non-existing domain 'Profiler'"))

    printf("CONSOLE MESSAGE: ");
    if (lineNumber)
        printf("line %u: ", lineNumber);
    printf("%s\n", newMessage.utf8().data());