Ejemplo n.º 1
// Makes sure that the unwrap call also works when the promise was not yet
// fulfilled, and that the returned Future<T> becomes ready once the promise
// is fulfilled.
TEST(Unwrap, futureNotReady) {
  Promise<Future<int>> p;
  Future<Future<int>> future = p.getFuture();
  Future<int> unwrapped = future.unwrap();
  // Sanity - should not be ready before the promise is fulfilled.
  // Fulfill the promise and make sure the unwrapped future is now ready.
  EXPECT_EQ(5484, unwrapped.value());
Ejemplo n.º 2
// Makes sure that unwrap() works when chaning Future's commands.
TEST(Unwrap, chainCommands) {
  Future<Future<int>> future = makeFuture(makeFuture(5484));
  auto unwrapped = future.unwrap().then([](int i){ return i; });
  EXPECT_EQ(5484, unwrapped.value());
Ejemplo n.º 3
// A simple scenario for the unwrap call, when the promise was fulfilled
// before calling to unwrap.
TEST(Unwrap, simpleScenario) {
  Future<int> encapsulated_future = makeFuture(5484);
  Future<Future<int>> future = makeFuture(std::move(encapsulated_future));
  EXPECT_EQ(5484, future.unwrap().value());