Example #1
 * @todo Maybe invoice checking should be done in gnc_bi_import_fix_bis (...)
 * rather than in here?  But that is more concerned with ensuring the csv is consistent.
 * @param GtkListStore *store
 * @param guint *n_invoices_created
 * @param guint *n_invoices_updated
 * @return void
gnc_bi_import_create_bis (GtkListStore * store, QofBook * book,
                          guint * n_invoices_created,
                          guint * n_invoices_updated,
                          gchar * type, gchar * open_mode, GString * info)
    gboolean valid;
    GtkTreeIter iter;
    gchar *id, *date_opened, *owner_id, *billing_id, *notes;
    gchar *date, *desc, *action, *account, *quantity, *price, *disc_type,
          *disc_how, *discount, *taxable, *taxincluded, *tax_table;
    gchar *date_posted, *due_date, *account_posted, *memo_posted,
    guint dummy;
    GncInvoice *invoice;
    GncEntry *entry;
    gint day, month, year;
    gnc_numeric value;
    GncOwner *owner;
    Account *acc;
    enum update {YES = GTK_RESPONSE_YES, NO = GTK_RESPONSE_NO} update;
    GtkWidget *dialog;
    Timespec today;
    InvoiceWindow *iw;
    gchar *new_id = NULL;
    gint64 denom = 0;
    gnc_commodity *currency;
    // these arguments are needed
    g_return_if_fail (store && book);
    // logic of this function only works for bills or invoices
    g_return_if_fail ((g_ascii_strcasecmp (type, "INVOICE") == 0) ||
            (g_ascii_strcasecmp (type, "BILL") == 0));

    // allow to call this function without statistics
    if (!n_invoices_created)
        n_invoices_created = &dummy;
    if (!n_invoices_updated)
        n_invoices_updated = &dummy;
    *n_invoices_created = 0;
    *n_invoices_updated = 0;

    invoice = NULL;
    update = NO;

    valid = gtk_tree_model_get_iter_first (GTK_TREE_MODEL (store), &iter);
    while (valid)
        // Walk through the list, reading each row
        gtk_tree_model_get (GTK_TREE_MODEL (store), &iter,
                            ID, &id,
                            DATE_OPENED, &date_opened,
                            DATE_POSTED, &date_posted,       // if autoposting requested
                            DUE_DATE, &due_date,             // if autoposting requested
                            ACCOUNT_POSTED, &account_posted, // if autoposting requested
                            MEMO_POSTED, &memo_posted,       // if autoposting requested
                            ACCU_SPLITS, &accumulatesplits,  // if autoposting requested
                            OWNER_ID, &owner_id,
                            BILLING_ID, &billing_id,
                            NOTES, &notes,
                            DATE, &date,
                            DESC, &desc,
                            ACTION, &action,
                            ACCOUNT, &account,
                            QUANTITY, &quantity,
                            PRICE, &price,
                            DISC_TYPE, &disc_type,
                            DISC_HOW, &disc_how,
                            DISCOUNT, &discount,
                            TAXABLE, &taxable,
                            TAXINCLUDED, &taxincluded,
                            TAX_TABLE, &tax_table, -1);

        // TODO:  Assign a new invoice number if one is absent.  BUT we don't want to assign a new invoice for every line!!
        // so we'd have to flag this up somehow or add an option in the import GUI.  The former implies that we make
        // an assumption about what the importer (person) wants to do.  It seems reasonable that a CSV file full of items with
        // If an invoice exists then we add to it in this current schema.
        // no predefined invoice number is a new invoice that's in need of a new number.
        // This was  not designed to satisfy the need for repeat invoices however, so maybe we need a another method for this, after all
        // It should be easier to copy an invoice with a new ID than to go through all this malarky.
        if (g_ascii_strcasecmp (type, "BILL") == 0)
            invoice = gnc_search_bill_on_id (book, id);
        else if (g_ascii_strcasecmp (type, "INVOICE") == 0)
            invoice = gnc_search_invoice_on_id (book, id);
        DEBUG( "Existing %s ID: %s\n", type, gncInvoiceGetID(invoice));

        // If the search is empty then there is no existing invoice so make a new one
        if (invoice == NULL)
             DEBUG( "Creating a new : %s\n", type );
            // new invoice
            invoice = gncInvoiceCreate (book);
            /* Protect against thrashing the DB and trying to write the invoice
             * record prematurely */
            gncInvoiceBeginEdit (invoice);
            gncInvoiceSetID (invoice, id);
            owner = gncOwnerNew ();
            if (g_ascii_strcasecmp (type, "BILL") == 0)
                gncOwnerInitVendor (owner,
                                    gnc_search_vendor_on_id (book, owner_id));
            else if (g_ascii_strcasecmp (type, "INVOICE") == 0)
                gncOwnerInitCustomer (owner,
                                      gnc_search_customer_on_id (book, owner_id));
            gncInvoiceSetOwner (invoice, owner);
            gncInvoiceSetCurrency (invoice, gncOwnerGetCurrency (owner));	// Set the invoice currency based on the owner
            if (strlen (date_opened) != 0)	// If a date is specified in CSV
                // FIXME: Must check for the return value of qof_scan_date!
                qof_scan_date (date_opened, &day, &month, &year);
                gncInvoiceSetDateOpened (invoice,
                                         gnc_dmy2timespec (day, month, year));
            else			// If no date in CSV
                time64 now = gnc_time (NULL);
                Timespec now_timespec;
                timespecFromTime64 (&now_timespec, now);
                gncInvoiceSetDateOpened (invoice, now_timespec);
            gncInvoiceSetBillingID (invoice, billing_id ? billing_id : "");
            gncInvoiceSetNotes (invoice, notes ? notes : "");
            gncInvoiceSetActive (invoice, TRUE);
            //if (g_ascii_strcasecmp(type,"INVOICE"))gncInvoiceSetBillTo( invoice, billto );
            update = YES;

            // open new bill / invoice in a tab, if requested
            if (g_ascii_strcasecmp(open_mode, "ALL") == 0
                    || (g_ascii_strcasecmp(open_mode, "NOT_POSTED") == 0
                        && strlen(date_posted) == 0))
                iw =  gnc_ui_invoice_edit (invoice);
                gnc_plugin_page_invoice_new (iw);
            gncInvoiceCommitEdit (invoice);
// I want to warn the user that an existing billvoice exists, but not every
// time.
// An import can contain many lines usually referring to the same invoice.
// NB: Posted invoices are NEVER updated.
        else			// if invoice exists
            if (gncInvoiceIsPosted (invoice))	// Is it already posted?
                valid =
                    gtk_tree_model_iter_next (GTK_TREE_MODEL (store), &iter);
                continue;		// If already posted then never import
            if (update != YES)	// Pop up a dialog to ask if updates are the expected action
                dialog = gtk_message_dialog_new (NULL,
                                                 _("Are you sure you have bills/invoices to update?"));
                update = gtk_dialog_run (GTK_DIALOG (dialog));
                gtk_widget_destroy (dialog);
                if (update == NO)
                    // Cleanup and leave
                    g_free (id);
                    g_free (date_opened);
                    g_free (owner_id);
                    g_free (billing_id);
                    g_free (notes);
                    g_free (date);
                    g_free (desc);
                    g_free (action);
                    g_free (account);
                    g_free (quantity);
                    g_free (price);
                    g_free (disc_type);
                    g_free (disc_how);
                    g_free (discount);
                    g_free (taxable);
                    g_free (taxincluded);
                    g_free (tax_table);
                    g_free (date_posted);
                    g_free (due_date);
                    g_free (account_posted);
                    g_free (memo_posted);
                    g_free (accumulatesplits);

        // add entry to invoice/bill
        entry = gncEntryCreate (book);
        currency = gncInvoiceGetCurrency(invoice);
        if (currency) denom = gnc_commodity_get_fraction(currency);
        // FIXME: Must check for the return value of qof_scan_date!
        qof_scan_date (date, &day, &month, &year);
            GDate *date = g_date_new_dmy(day, month, year);
            gncEntrySetDateGDate (entry, date);
            g_date_free (date);
        timespecFromTime64 (&today, gnc_time (NULL));	// set today to the current date
        gncEntrySetDateEntered (entry, today);
        gncEntrySetDescription (entry, desc);
        gncEntrySetAction (entry, action);
        value = gnc_numeric_zero();
        gnc_exp_parser_parse (quantity, &value, NULL);
        gncEntrySetQuantity (entry, value);
        acc = gnc_account_lookup_for_register (gnc_get_current_root_account (),
        if (g_ascii_strcasecmp (type, "BILL") == 0)
            gncEntrySetBillAccount (entry, acc);
            value = gnc_numeric_zero();
            gnc_exp_parser_parse (price, &value, NULL);
            gncEntrySetBillPrice (entry, value);
            gncEntrySetBillTaxable (entry, text2bool (taxable));
            gncEntrySetBillTaxIncluded (entry, text2bool (taxincluded));
            gncEntrySetBillTaxTable (entry, gncTaxTableLookupByName (book, tax_table));
            gncBillAddEntry (invoice, entry);
        else if (g_ascii_strcasecmp (type, "INVOICE") == 0)
            gncEntrySetNotes (entry, notes);
            gncEntrySetInvAccount (entry, acc);
            value = gnc_numeric_zero();
            gnc_exp_parser_parse (price, &value, NULL);
            gncEntrySetInvPrice (entry, value);
            gncEntrySetInvTaxable (entry, text2bool (taxable));
            gncEntrySetInvTaxIncluded (entry, text2bool (taxincluded));
            gncEntrySetInvTaxTable (entry, gncTaxTableLookupByName (book, tax_table));
            value = gnc_numeric_zero();
            gnc_exp_parser_parse (discount, &value, NULL);
            gncEntrySetInvDiscount (entry, value);
            gncEntrySetInvDiscountType (entry, text2disc_type (disc_type));
            gncEntrySetInvDiscountHow (entry, text2disc_how (disc_how));
            gncInvoiceAddEntry (invoice, entry);
        valid = gtk_tree_model_iter_next (GTK_TREE_MODEL (store), &iter);

        // handle auto posting of invoices
        if (valid)
            gtk_tree_model_get (GTK_TREE_MODEL (store), &iter, ID, &new_id, -1);
        if (g_strcmp0 (id, new_id) != 0)
            // the next invoice id is different => try to autopost this invoice
            if (qof_scan_date (date_posted, &day, &month, &year))
                // autopost this invoice
                gboolean auto_pay;
                Timespec d1, d2;

                if (g_ascii_strcasecmp (type, "INVOICE") == 0)
                    auto_pay = gnc_prefs_get_bool (GNC_PREFS_GROUP_INVOICE, GNC_PREF_AUTO_PAY);
                    auto_pay = gnc_prefs_get_bool (GNC_PREFS_GROUP_BILL, GNC_PREF_AUTO_PAY);

                d1 = gnc_dmy2timespec (day, month, year);
                // FIXME: Must check for the return value of qof_scan_date!
                qof_scan_date (due_date, &day, &month, &year);	// obtains the due date, or leaves it at date_posted
                d2 = gnc_dmy2timespec (day, month, year);
                acc = gnc_account_lookup_for_register
                      (gnc_get_current_root_account (), account_posted);
                gncInvoicePostToAccount (invoice, acc, &d1, &d2,
                                         text2bool (accumulatesplits),

    // cleanup
    g_free (new_id);
    g_free (id);
    g_free (date_opened);
    g_free (owner_id);
    g_free (billing_id);
    g_free (notes);
    g_free (date);
    g_free (desc);
    g_free (action);
    g_free (account);
    g_free (quantity);
    g_free (price);
    g_free (disc_type);
    g_free (disc_how);
    g_free (discount);
    g_free (taxable);
    g_free (taxincluded);
    g_free (tax_table);
    g_free (date_posted);
    g_free (due_date);
    g_free (account_posted);
    g_free (memo_posted);
    g_free (accumulatesplits);
Example #2
static void
gnc_plugin_business_cmd_test_init_data (GtkAction *action,
                                        GncMainWindowActionData *data)
    QofBook *book       = gnc_get_current_book();
    GncCustomer *customer   = gncCustomerCreate(book);
    GncAddress *address = gncCustomerGetAddr(customer);
    GncInvoice *invoice = gncInvoiceCreate(book);
    GncOwner *owner     = gncOwnerNew();
    GncJob *job         = gncJobCreate(book);
    Account *root       = gnc_book_get_root_account(book);
    Account *inc_acct   = xaccMallocAccount(book);
    Account *bank_acct  = xaccMallocAccount(book);
    Account *tax_acct   = xaccMallocAccount(book);
    Account *ar_acct    = xaccMallocAccount(book);
    Timespec now;

    // Create Customer
    gncCustomerSetID(customer, "000001");
    gncCustomerSetName(customer, "Test Customer");
    gncCustomerSetCurrency(customer, gnc_default_currency());
    gncAddressSetName(address, "Contact Person");
    gncAddressSetAddr1(address, "20 Customer Lane");
    gncAddressSetAddr2(address, "Customer M/S");
    gncAddressSetAddr3(address, "Addr3, XXX  12345");

    // Create the Owner
    gncOwnerInitCustomer(owner, customer);

    // Create the Invoice
    timespecFromTime64(&now, time(NULL));
    gncInvoiceSetID(invoice, "000012");
    gncInvoiceSetOwner(invoice, owner);
    gncInvoiceSetDateOpened(invoice, now);
    gncInvoiceSetCurrency(invoice, gnc_default_currency());

    // Create the Job
    gncJobSetID(job, "000025");
    gncJobSetName(job, "Test Job");
    gncJobSetReference(job, "Customer's ref#");
    gncJobSetOwner(job, owner);

    gncOwnerInitJob(owner, job);

    // Create the A/R account
    xaccAccountSetType(ar_acct, ACCT_TYPE_RECEIVABLE);
    xaccAccountSetName(ar_acct, "A/R");
    xaccAccountSetCommodity(ar_acct, gnc_default_currency());
    gnc_account_append_child(root, ar_acct);

    // Create the Income account
    xaccAccountSetType(inc_acct, ACCT_TYPE_INCOME);
    xaccAccountSetName(inc_acct, "Income");
    xaccAccountSetCommodity(inc_acct, gnc_default_currency());
    gnc_account_append_child(root, inc_acct);

    // Create the Bank account
    xaccAccountSetType(bank_acct, ACCT_TYPE_BANK);
    xaccAccountSetName(bank_acct, "Bank");
    xaccAccountSetCommodity(bank_acct, gnc_default_currency());
    gnc_account_append_child(root, bank_acct);

    // Create the Tax account
    xaccAccountSetType(tax_acct, ACCT_TYPE_LIABILITY);
    xaccAccountSetName(tax_acct, "Tax-Holding");
    xaccAccountSetCommodity(tax_acct, gnc_default_currency());
    gnc_account_append_child(root, tax_acct);

    // Launch the invoice editor
    gnc_ui_invoice_edit (GTK_WINDOW (data->window), invoice);