Example #1
bool static InitError(const std::string &str)
    uiInterface.ThreadSafeMessageBox(str, "", CClientUIInterface::MSG_ERROR);
    return false;
Example #2
bool static InitWarning(const std::string &str)
    uiInterface.ThreadSafeMessageBox(str, "", CClientUIInterface::MSG_WARNING);
    return true;
Example #3
/** Initialize bitcoin.
 *  @pre Parameters should be parsed and config file should be read.
bool AppInit2(boost::thread_group& threadGroup)
    // ********************************************************* Step 1: setup
#ifdef _MSC_VER
    // Turn off Microsoft heap dump noise
    _CrtSetReportMode(_CRT_WARN, _CRTDBG_MODE_FILE);
    _CrtSetReportFile(_CRT_WARN, CreateFileA("NUL", GENERIC_WRITE, 0, NULL, OPEN_EXISTING, 0, 0));
#if _MSC_VER >= 1400
    // Disable confusing "helpful" text message on abort, Ctrl-C
    _set_abort_behavior(0, _WRITE_ABORT_MSG | _CALL_REPORTFAULT);
#ifdef WIN32
    // Enable Data Execution Prevention (DEP)
    // Minimum supported OS versions: WinXP SP3, WinVista >= SP1, Win Server 2008
    // A failure is non-critical and needs no further attention!
    // We define this here, because GCCs winbase.h limits this to _WIN32_WINNT >= 0x0601 (Windows 7),
    // which is not correct. Can be removed, when GCCs winbase.h is fixed!
#define PROCESS_DEP_ENABLE 0x00000001
    PSETPROCDEPPOL setProcDEPPol = (PSETPROCDEPPOL)GetProcAddress(GetModuleHandleA("Kernel32.dll"), "SetProcessDEPPolicy");
    if (setProcDEPPol != NULL) setProcDEPPol(PROCESS_DEP_ENABLE);
#ifndef WIN32

    // Clean shutdown on SIGTERM
    struct sigaction sa;
    sa.sa_handler = HandleSIGTERM;
    sa.sa_flags = 0;
    sigaction(SIGTERM, &sa, NULL);
    sigaction(SIGINT, &sa, NULL);

    // Reopen debug.log on SIGHUP
    struct sigaction sa_hup;
    sa_hup.sa_handler = HandleSIGHUP;
    sa_hup.sa_flags = 0;
    sigaction(SIGHUP, &sa_hup, NULL);

    // ********************************************************* Step 2: parameter interactions

    nNodeLifespan = GetArg("-addrlifespan", 7);
    fUseFastIndex = GetBoolArg("-fastindex", true);
    nMinerSleep = GetArg("-minersleep", 500);

    CheckpointsMode = Checkpoints::STRICT;
    std::string strCpMode = GetArg("-cppolicy", "strict");

    if(strCpMode == "strict")
        CheckpointsMode = Checkpoints::STRICT;

    if(strCpMode == "advisory")
        CheckpointsMode = Checkpoints::ADVISORY;

    if(strCpMode == "permissive")
        CheckpointsMode = Checkpoints::PERMISSIVE;

    nDerivationMethodIndex = 0;

    if (!SelectParamsFromCommandLine()) {
        return InitError("Invalid combination of -testnet and -regtest.");

    if (TestNet())
        SoftSetBoolArg("-irc", true);

    if (mapArgs.count("-bind")) {
        // when specifying an explicit binding address, you want to listen on it
        // even when -connect or -proxy is specified
        if (SoftSetBoolArg("-listen", true))
            LogPrintf("AppInit2 : parameter interaction: -bind set -> setting -listen=1\n");

    if (mapArgs.count("-connect") && mapMultiArgs["-connect"].size() > 0) {
        // when only connecting to trusted nodes, do not seed via DNS, or listen by default
        if (SoftSetBoolArg("-dnsseed", false))
            LogPrintf("AppInit2 : parameter interaction: -connect set -> setting -dnsseed=0\n");
        if (SoftSetBoolArg("-listen", false))
            LogPrintf("AppInit2 : parameter interaction: -connect set -> setting -listen=0\n");

    if (mapArgs.count("-proxy")) {
        // to protect privacy, do not listen by default if a default proxy server is specified
        if (SoftSetBoolArg("-listen", false))
            LogPrintf("AppInit2 : parameter interaction: -proxy set -> setting -listen=0\n");
        // to protect privacy, do not discover addresses by default
        if (SoftSetBoolArg("-discover", false))
            LogPrintf("AppInit2 : parameter interaction: -proxy set -> setting -discover=0\n");

    if (!GetBoolArg("-listen", true)) {
        // do not map ports or try to retrieve public IP when not listening (pointless)
        if (SoftSetBoolArg("-upnp", false))
            LogPrintf("AppInit2 : parameter interaction: -listen=0 -> setting -upnp=0\n");
        if (SoftSetBoolArg("-discover", false))
            LogPrintf("AppInit2 : parameter interaction: -listen=0 -> setting -discover=0\n");

    if (mapArgs.count("-externalip")) {
        // if an explicit public IP is specified, do not try to find others
        if (SoftSetBoolArg("-discover", false))
            LogPrintf("AppInit2 : parameter interaction: -externalip set -> setting -discover=0\n");

    if (GetBoolArg("-salvagewallet", false)) {
        // Rewrite just private keys: rescan to find transactions
        if (SoftSetBoolArg("-rescan", true))
            LogPrintf("AppInit2 : parameter interaction: -salvagewallet=1 -> setting -rescan=1\n");

    // ********************************************************* Step 3: parameter-to-internal-flags

    fDebug = !mapMultiArgs["-debug"].empty();
    // Special-case: if -debug=0/-nodebug is set, turn off debugging messages
    const vector<string>& categories = mapMultiArgs["-debug"];
    if (GetBoolArg("-nodebug", false) || find(categories.begin(), categories.end(), string("0")) != categories.end())
        fDebug = false;

    // Check for -debugnet (deprecated)
    if (GetBoolArg("-debugnet", false))
        InitWarning(_("Warning: Deprecated argument -debugnet ignored, use -debug=net"));
    // Check for -socks - as this is a privacy risk to continue, exit here
    if (mapArgs.count("-socks"))
        return InitError(_("Error: Unsupported argument -socks found. Setting SOCKS version isn't possible anymore, only SOCKS5 proxies are supported."));

    if (fDaemon)
        fServer = true;
        fServer = GetBoolArg("-server", false);

    /* force fServer when running without GUI */
    if (!fHaveGUI)
        fServer = true;
    fPrintToConsole = GetBoolArg("-printtoconsole", false);
    fLogTimestamps = GetBoolArg("-logtimestamps", false);
    bool fDisableWallet = GetBoolArg("-disablewallet", false);

    if (mapArgs.count("-timeout"))
        int nNewTimeout = GetArg("-timeout", 5000);
        if (nNewTimeout > 0 && nNewTimeout < 600000)
            nConnectTimeout = nNewTimeout;

    if (mapArgs.count("-paytxfee"))
        if (!ParseMoney(mapArgs["-paytxfee"], nTransactionFee))
            return InitError(strprintf(_("Invalid amount for -paytxfee=<amount>: '%s'"), mapArgs["-paytxfee"]));
        if (nTransactionFee > 0.25 * COIN)
            InitWarning(_("Warning: -paytxfee is set very high! This is the transaction fee you will pay if you send a transaction."));

    fConfChange = GetBoolArg("-confchange", false);
    fMinimizeCoinAge = GetBoolArg("-minimizecoinage", false);

    if (mapArgs.count("-mininput"))
        if (!ParseMoney(mapArgs["-mininput"], nMinimumInputValue))
            return InitError(strprintf(_("Invalid amount for -mininput=<amount>: '%s'"), mapArgs["-mininput"]));

    // ********************************************************* Step 4: application initialization: dir lock, daemonize, pidfile, debug log

    // Sanity check
    if (!InitSanityCheck())
        return InitError(_("Initialization sanity check failed. BlackHat is shutting down."));

    std::string strDataDir = GetDataDir().string();
    std::string strWalletFileName = GetArg("-wallet", "wallet.dat");

    // strWalletFileName must be a plain filename without a directory
    if (strWalletFileName != boost::filesystem::basename(strWalletFileName) + boost::filesystem::extension(strWalletFileName))
        return InitError(strprintf(_("Wallet %s resides outside data directory %s."), strWalletFileName, strDataDir));
    // Make sure only a single Bitcoin process is using the data directory.
    boost::filesystem::path pathLockFile = GetDataDir() / ".lock";
    FILE* file = fopen(pathLockFile.string().c_str(), "a"); // empty lock file; created if it doesn't exist.
    if (file) fclose(file);
    static boost::interprocess::file_lock lock(pathLockFile.string().c_str());
    if (!lock.try_lock())
        return InitError(strprintf(_("Cannot obtain a lock on data directory %s. BlackHat is probably already running."), strDataDir));

    if (GetBoolArg("-shrinkdebugfile", !fDebug))
    LogPrintf("BlackHat version %s (%s)\n", FormatFullVersion(), CLIENT_DATE);
    LogPrintf("Using OpenSSL version %s\n", SSLeay_version(SSLEAY_VERSION));
    if (!fLogTimestamps)
        LogPrintf("Startup time: %s\n", DateTimeStrFormat("%x %H:%M:%S", GetTime()));
    LogPrintf("Default data directory %s\n", GetDefaultDataDir().string());
    LogPrintf("Used data directory %s\n", strDataDir);
    std::ostringstream strErrors;

    if (mapArgs.count("-masternodepaymentskey")) // masternode payments priv key
        if (!masternodePayments.SetPrivKey(GetArg("-masternodepaymentskey", "")))
            return InitError(_("Unable to sign masternode payment winner, wrong key?"));
        if (!sporkManager.SetPrivKey(GetArg("-masternodepaymentskey", "")))
            return InitError(_("Unable to sign spork message, wrong key?"));

    //ignore masternodes below protocol version
    CMasterNode::minProtoVersion = GetArg("-masternodeminprotocol", MIN_MN_PROTO_VERSION);

    if (fDaemon)
        fprintf(stdout, "BlackHat server starting\n");

    int64_t nStart;

    // ********************************************************* Step 5: verify database integrity
    if (!fDisableWallet) {
        uiInterface.InitMessage(_("Verifying database integrity..."));

        if (!bitdb.Open(GetDataDir()))
            // try moving the database env out of the way
            boost::filesystem::path pathDatabase = GetDataDir() / "database";
            boost::filesystem::path pathDatabaseBak = GetDataDir() / strprintf("database.%d.bak", GetTime());
            try {
                boost::filesystem::rename(pathDatabase, pathDatabaseBak);
                LogPrintf("Moved old %s to %s. Retrying.\n", pathDatabase.string(), pathDatabaseBak.string());
            } catch(boost::filesystem::filesystem_error &error) {
                 // failure is ok (well, not really, but it's not worse than what we started with)

            // try again
            if (!bitdb.Open(GetDataDir())) {
                // if it still fails, it probably means we can't even create the database env
                string msg = strprintf(_("Error initializing wallet database environment %s!"), strDataDir);
                return InitError(msg);

        if (GetBoolArg("-salvagewallet", false))
            // Recover readable keypairs:
            if (!CWalletDB::Recover(bitdb, strWalletFileName, true))
                return false;

        if (filesystem::exists(GetDataDir() / strWalletFileName))
            CDBEnv::VerifyResult r = bitdb.Verify(strWalletFileName, CWalletDB::Recover);
            if (r == CDBEnv::RECOVER_OK)
                string msg = strprintf(_("Warning: wallet.dat corrupt, data salvaged!"
                                         " Original wallet.dat saved as wallet.{timestamp}.bak in %s; if"
                                         " your balance or transactions are incorrect you should"
                                         " restore from a backup."), strDataDir);
            if (r == CDBEnv::RECOVER_FAIL)
                return InitError(_("wallet.dat corrupt, salvage failed"));

        // Initialize KeePass Integration
    } // (!fDisableWallet)
    // ********************************************************* Step 6: network initialization


    if (mapArgs.count("-onlynet")) {
        std::set<enum Network> nets;
        BOOST_FOREACH(std::string snet, mapMultiArgs["-onlynet"]) {
            enum Network net = ParseNetwork(snet);
	    if(net == NET_TOR)
		fOnlyTor = true;

            if (net == NET_UNROUTABLE)
                return InitError(strprintf(_("Unknown network specified in -onlynet: '%s'"), snet));
        for (int n = 0; n < NET_MAX; n++) {
            enum Network net = (enum Network)n;
            if (!nets.count(net))