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// Manual drag caret manipulation
void DragController::placeDragCaret(const IntPoint& windowPoint)
    if (!m_documentUnderMouse)
    Frame* frame = m_documentUnderMouse->frame();
    FrameView* frameView = frame->view();
    if (!frameView)
    IntPoint framePoint = frameView->windowToContents(windowPoint);

Example #2
 * webkit_web_inspector_inspect_coordinates:
 * @web_inspector: the #WebKitWebInspector that will do the inspection
 * @x: the X coordinate of the node to be inspected
 * @y: the Y coordinate of the node to be inspected
 * Causes the Web Inspector to inspect the node that is located at the
 * given coordinates of the widget. The coordinates should be relative
 * to the #WebKitWebView widget, not to the scrollable content, and
 * may be obtained from a #GdkEvent directly.
 * This means @x, and @y being zero doesn't guarantee you will hit the
 * left-most top corner of the content, since the contents may have
 * been scrolled.
 * Since: 1.1.17
void webkit_web_inspector_inspect_coordinates(WebKitWebInspector* webInspector, gdouble x, gdouble y)
    g_return_if_fail(x >= 0 && y >= 0);

    WebKitWebInspectorPrivate* priv = webInspector->priv;

    Frame* frame = priv->page->focusController()->focusedOrMainFrame();
    FrameView* view = frame->view();

    if (!view)

    HitTestRequest request(HitTestRequest::ReadOnly | HitTestRequest::Active);
    IntPoint documentPoint = view->windowToContents(IntPoint(static_cast<int>(x), static_cast<int>(y)));
    HitTestResult result(documentPoint);

    frame->contentRenderer()->layer()->hitTest(request, result);