Example #1
        size_t operator()(const Future& future) const
            // Return the hash of the of the specified 'future'.  Note that
            // this uses the 'SpookyHashAlgorithm' to quickly combine the
            // attributes of 'Future' objects that are salient to hashing into
            // a hash suitable for a hash table.
            SpookyHashAlgorithm hash;

            hash(future.getName(),  strlen(future.getName()));
            hash(future.getMonth(), sizeof(char));
            hash(future.getYear(),  sizeof(short));

            return static_cast<size_t>(hash.computeHash());
Example #2
Future::Future( const Future& future )
    : _impl( new Future::Impl( future._impl->_future,
                               future.getName( ),
                               future._impl->_uuid ))