JSPromiseDeferred* JSPromiseDeferred::create(ExecState* exec, JSGlobalObject* globalObject)
    VM& vm = exec->vm();

    JSFunction* resolver = createDeferredConstructionFunction(vm, globalObject);

    JSPromise* promise = constructPromise(exec, globalObject, resolver);
    JSValue resolve = resolver->get(exec, vm.propertyNames->resolvePrivateName);
    JSValue reject = resolver->get(exec, vm.propertyNames->rejectPrivateName);

    return JSPromiseDeferred::create(vm, promise, resolve, reject);
JSValue createJSPromiseDeferredFromConstructor(ExecState* exec, JSValue C)
    // -- This implements the GetDeferred(C) abstract operation --

    // 1. If IsConstructor(C) is false, throw a TypeError.
    if (!C.isObject())
        return throwTypeError(exec);

    ConstructData constructData;
    ConstructType constructType = getConstructData(C, constructData);
    if (constructType == ConstructTypeNone)
        return throwTypeError(exec);

    VM& vm = exec->vm();

    // 2. Let 'resolver' be a new built-in function object as defined in Deferred Construction Functions.
    JSFunction* resolver = createDeferredConstructionFunction(vm, asObject(C)->globalObject());

    // 3. Let 'promise' be the result of calling the [[Construct]] internal method of 'C' with
    //    an argument list containing the single item resolver.
    MarkedArgumentBuffer constructArguments;
    JSObject* promise = construct(exec, C, constructType, constructData, constructArguments);

    // 4. ReturnIfAbrupt(promise).
    if (exec->hadException())
        return jsUndefined();

    // 5. Let 'resolve' be the value of resolver's [[Resolve]] internal slot.
    JSValue resolve = resolver->get(exec, vm.propertyNames->resolvePrivateName);

    // 6. If IsCallable(resolve) is false, throw a TypeError.
    CallData resolveCallData;
    CallType resolveCallType = getCallData(resolve, resolveCallData);
    if (resolveCallType == CallTypeNone)
        return throwTypeError(exec);

    // 7. Let 'reject' be the value of resolver's [[Reject]] internal slot.
    JSValue reject = resolver->get(exec, vm.propertyNames->rejectPrivateName);

    // 8. If IsCallable(reject) is false, throw a TypeError.
    CallData rejectCallData;
    CallType rejectCallType = getCallData(reject, rejectCallData);
    if (rejectCallType == CallTypeNone)
        return throwTypeError(exec);

    // 9. Return the Deferred { [[Promise]]: promise, [[Resolve]]: resolve, [[Reject]]: reject }.
    return JSPromiseDeferred::create(exec->vm(), promise, resolve, reject);