Example #1
// TODO: appearantly, we are calling ScreenClipping() on
// views who's parents don't have a valid screen clipping yet,
// this messes up the logic that for any given view with
// fScreenClippingValid == false, all children have
// fScreenClippingValid == false too. If this could be made the
// case, we could save some performance here with the commented
// out check, since InvalidateScreenClipping() might be called
// frequently.
// TODO: investigate, if InvalidateScreenClipping() could be
// called in "deep" and "non-deep" mode, ie. see if there are
// any cases where the children would still have valid screen
// clipping, even though the parent's screen clipping becomes
// invalid.
//	if (!fScreenClippingValid)
//		return;

    delete fScreenAndUserClipping;
    fScreenAndUserClipping = NULL;
    fScreenClippingValid = false;
    // invalidate the childrens screen clipping as well
    for (View* child = FirstChild(); child; child = child->NextSibling()) {