Example #1
        // Playerbot mod: is different from the normal HandlePlayerLoginCallback in that it
        // sets up the bot's world session and also stores the pointer to the bot player in the master's
        // world session m_playerBots map
        void HandlePlayerBotLoginCallback(QueryResult * /*dummy*/, SqlQueryHolder * holder)
            if (!holder)

            LoginQueryHolder* lqh = (LoginQueryHolder*) holder;

            WorldSession* masterSession = sWorld.FindSession(lqh->GetAccountId());

            if (! masterSession || sObjectMgr.GetPlayer(lqh->GetGuid()))
                delete holder;

            // The bot's WorldSession is owned by the bot's Player object
            // The bot's WorldSession is deleted by PlayerbotMgr::LogoutPlayerBot
            WorldSession *botSession = new WorldSession(lqh->GetAccountId(), NULL, SEC_PLAYER, masterSession->Expansion(), 0, LOCALE_enUS);
            botSession->m_Address = "bot";
            botSession->HandlePlayerLogin(lqh); // will delete lqh