Esempio n. 1
static void indexPreprocessingRecord(ASTUnit &Unit, IndexingContext &IdxCtx) {
  Preprocessor &PP = Unit.getPreprocessor();
  if (!PP.getPreprocessingRecord())

  // FIXME: Only deserialize inclusion directives.

  PreprocessingRecord::iterator I, E;
  std::tie(I, E) = Unit.getLocalPreprocessingEntities();

  bool isModuleFile = Unit.isModuleFile();
  for (; I != E; ++I) {
    PreprocessedEntity *PPE = *I;

    if (InclusionDirective *ID = dyn_cast<InclusionDirective>(PPE)) {
      SourceLocation Loc = ID->getSourceRange().getBegin();
      // Modules have synthetic main files as input, give an invalid location
      // if the location points to such a file.
      if (isModuleFile && Unit.isInMainFileID(Loc))
        Loc = SourceLocation();
      IdxCtx.ppIncludedFile(Loc, ID->getFileName(),
                            ID->getKind() == InclusionDirective::Import,
                            !ID->wasInQuotes(), ID->importedModule());
static void getInclusions(const SrcMgr::SLocEntry &(SourceManager::*Getter)(unsigned, bool*) const, unsigned n,
                          CXTranslationUnit TU, CXInclusionVisitor CB,
                          CXClientData clientData)
  ASTUnit *CXXUnit = cxtu::getASTUnit(TU);
  SourceManager &SM = CXXUnit->getSourceManager();
  ASTContext &Ctx = CXXUnit->getASTContext();
  SmallVector<CXSourceLocation, 10> InclusionStack;
  const bool HasPreamble = SM.getPreambleFileID().isValid();

  for (unsigned i = 0 ; i < n ; ++i) {
    bool Invalid = false;
    const SrcMgr::SLocEntry &SL = (SM.*Getter)(i, &Invalid);

    if (!SL.isFile() || Invalid)

    const SrcMgr::FileInfo &FI = SL.getFile();
    if (!FI.getContentCache()->OrigEntry)

    // If this is the main file, and there is a preamble, skip this SLoc. The
    // inclusions of the preamble already showed it.
    SourceLocation L = FI.getIncludeLoc();
    if (HasPreamble && CXXUnit->isInMainFileID(L))

    // Build the inclusion stack.
    while (L.isValid()) {
      PresumedLoc PLoc = SM.getPresumedLoc(L);
      InclusionStack.push_back(cxloc::translateSourceLocation(Ctx, L));
      L = PLoc.isValid()? PLoc.getIncludeLoc() : SourceLocation();

    // If there is a preamble, the last entry is the "inclusion" of that
    // preamble into the main file, which has the bogus entry of main.c:1:1
    if (HasPreamble && !InclusionStack.empty())

    // Callback to the client.
    // FIXME: We should have a function to construct CXFiles.
         const_cast<FileEntry *>(FI.getContentCache()->OrigEntry)),, InclusionStack.size(), clientData);