Example #1
//start move from A (curr pos) to B (to end) then stop or reverse etc.
//Pass SM_NONE to x or y to start from the current position,
//even before it has finished moving
void Sprite::startMoveTo(int xEnd, int yEnd,
                         Uint32 rate, Uint32 delay,
                         float xVel, float yVel,
                         eSprite type /*Sprite::SPR_NONE*/)	//repeat, reverse etc
    //set by end x or y, or overridden by SM_ direction flags
    if ( (SPR_LEFT & type) || (xEnd < getXPos()) )
        _xDir = -1;
    else _xDir = 1;	//pos=right, neg=left
    if ( (SPR_UP & type) || (yEnd < getYPos()) )
        _yDir = -1;
    else _yDir = 1;	//pos=down, neg=up

    //end position
    //if SM_ direction flags used (ie. no end pos), then determine off
    //screen end positions from sprite size, ie. sprite must be completely
    //off screen then stop (or reverse if that flag is set
    _xEnd = xEnd;
    _yEnd = yEnd;

    if (SPR_LEFT & type)
        _xEnd = -(tileW()+1); //calc end x pos (off screen)

    if (SPR_RIGHT & type)
        _xEnd = Screen::width() + 1; //calc end x pos (off screen)

    if (SPR_UP & type)
        _yEnd = -(tileH()+1); //calc end x pos (off screen)

    if (SPR_DOWN & type)
        _yEnd = Screen::height()+1; //calc end x pos (off screen)

    _xVel = xVel;
    _yVel = yVel;

//##TODO## effects flags stuff here

//	calcWaypoints(_x, _y, xEnd, yEnd);

    //unpause movement if movement is set up correctly
    pauseMove( !canMove() );		//set false, if moving set
    setMoveLoop(true);				//repeat any timer/movement

    //finally start the timer if requested
    if (rate && canMove()) setMoveRate(rate, delay);

Example #2
int ioptronHC8406::setioptronHC8406CursorMoveSpeed(int type)
	return setMoveRate(-1,type);
Example #3
int ioptronHC8406::setioptronHC8406SlewRate(int rate)
	return setMoveRate(rate,USE_SLEW_SPEED);
Example #4
int ioptronHC8406::setioptronHC8406CenterRate(int rate)
	return setMoveRate(rate,USE_CENTERING_SPEED);
Example #5
int ioptronHC8406::setioptronHC8406GuideRate(int rate)
	return setMoveRate(rate,USE_GUIDE_SPEED);