bool PHPEditorContextMenu::IsIncludeOrRequireStatement(wxString& includeWhat)
    // Do a basic check to see whether this line is include statement or not.
    // Don't bother in full parsing the file since it can be a quite an expensive operation
    // (include|require_once|require|include_once)[ \t\\(]*(.*?)[\\) \t)]*;
    static wxRegEx reInclude(wxT("(include|require_once|require|include_once)[ \t\\(]*(.*?)[\\) \t]*;"), wxRE_ADVANCED);

    IEditor* editor = m_manager->GetActiveEditor();
    if(!editor) return false;

    wxString line = editor->GetCtrl()->GetLine(editor->GetCurrentLine());
    if(reInclude.IsValid() && reInclude.Matches(line)) {
        includeWhat = reInclude.GetMatch(line, 2);
        return true;
    return false;