Example #1
bool X86RegisterInfo::hasBasePointer(const MachineFunction &MF) const {
   const MachineFrameInfo *MFI = MF.getFrameInfo();

   if (!EnableBasePointer)
     return false;

   // When we need stack realignment and there are dynamic allocas, we can't
   // reference off of the stack pointer, so we reserve a base pointer.
   // This is also true if the function contain MS-style inline assembly.  We
   // do this because if any stack changes occur in the inline assembly, e.g.,
   // "pusha", then any C local variable or C argument references in the
   // inline assembly will be wrong because the SP is not properly tracked.
   if ((needsStackRealignment(MF) && MFI->hasVarSizedObjects()) ||
     return true;

   return false;