Example #1
void tools::AddLinkerInputs(const ToolChain &TC, const InputInfoList &Inputs,
                            const ArgList &Args, ArgStringList &CmdArgs,
                            const JobAction &JA) {
  const Driver &D = TC.getDriver();

  // Add extra linker input arguments which are not treated as inputs
  // (constructed via -Xarch_).
  Args.AddAllArgValues(CmdArgs, options::OPT_Zlinker_input);

  for (const auto &II : Inputs) {
    // If the current tool chain refers to an OpenMP offloading host, we should
    // ignore inputs that refer to OpenMP offloading devices - they will be
    // embedded according to a proper linker script.
    if (auto *IA = II.getAction())
      if (JA.isHostOffloading(Action::OFK_OpenMP) &&

    if (!TC.HasNativeLLVMSupport() && types::isLLVMIR(II.getType()))
      // Don't try to pass LLVM inputs unless we have native support.
      D.Diag(diag::err_drv_no_linker_llvm_support) << TC.getTripleString();

    // Add filenames immediately.
    if (II.isFilename()) {

    // Otherwise, this is a linker input argument.
    const Arg &A = II.getInputArg();

    // Handle reserved library options.
    if (A.getOption().matches(options::OPT_Z_reserved_lib_stdcxx))
      TC.AddCXXStdlibLibArgs(Args, CmdArgs);
    else if (A.getOption().matches(options::OPT_Z_reserved_lib_cckext))
      TC.AddCCKextLibArgs(Args, CmdArgs);
    else if (A.getOption().matches(options::OPT_z)) {
      // Pass -z prefix for gcc linker compatibility.
      A.render(Args, CmdArgs);
    } else {
      A.renderAsInput(Args, CmdArgs);

  // LIBRARY_PATH - included following the user specified library paths.
  //                and only supported on native toolchains.
  if (!TC.isCrossCompiling()) {
    addDirectoryList(Args, CmdArgs, "-L", "LIBRARY_PATH");