static void
aout_adobe_swap_exec_header_out (bfd *abfd,
				 struct internal_exec *execp,
				 struct external_exec *bytes)
  /* Now fill in fields in the raw data, from the fields in the exec
     struct.  */
  H_PUT_32 (abfd, execp->a_info  , bytes->e_info);
  PUT_WORD (abfd, execp->a_text  , bytes->e_text);
  PUT_WORD (abfd, execp->a_data  , bytes->e_data);
  PUT_WORD (abfd, execp->a_bss   , bytes->e_bss);
  PUT_WORD (abfd, execp->a_syms  , bytes->e_syms);
  PUT_WORD (abfd, execp->a_entry , bytes->e_entry);
  PUT_WORD (abfd, execp->a_trsize, bytes->e_trsize);
  PUT_WORD (abfd, execp->a_drsize, bytes->e_drsize);
Exemple #2
static bfd_boolean
MY (write_object_contents) (bfd * abfd)
  struct external_exec exec_bytes;
  struct internal_exec *execp = exec_hdr (abfd);
  bfd_size_type text_size;	/* dummy vars */
  file_ptr text_end;

  memset (&exec_bytes, 0, sizeof (exec_bytes));

  obj_reloc_entry_size (abfd) = RELOC_STD_SIZE;

  if (adata (abfd).magic == undecided_magic)
    NAME (aout,adjust_sizes_and_vmas) (abfd, &text_size, &text_end);
  execp->a_syms = 0;

  execp->a_entry = bfd_get_start_address (abfd);

  execp->a_trsize = ((obj_textsec (abfd)->reloc_count) *
		     obj_reloc_entry_size (abfd));
  execp->a_drsize = ((obj_datasec (abfd)->reloc_count) *
		     obj_reloc_entry_size (abfd));

  N_SET_MACHTYPE (*execp, 0xc);
  N_SET_FLAGS (*execp, aout_backend_info (abfd)->exec_hdr_flags);

  NAME (aout,swap_exec_header_out) (abfd, execp, &exec_bytes);

  /* update fields not covered by default swap_exec_header_out */

  /* this is really the sym table size but we store it in drelocs */
  H_PUT_32 (abfd, (bfd_get_symcount (abfd) * 12), exec_bytes.e_drelocs);

  if (bfd_seek (abfd, (file_ptr) 0, FALSE) != 0
      || (bfd_bwrite (&exec_bytes, (bfd_size_type) EXEC_BYTES_SIZE, abfd)
    return FALSE;

  /* Write out the symbols, and then the relocs.  We must write out
       the symbols first so that we know the symbol indices.  */

  if (bfd_get_symcount (abfd) != 0)
      /* Skip the relocs to where we want to put the symbols.  */
      if (bfd_seek (abfd, (file_ptr) (N_DRELOFF (*execp) + execp->a_drsize),
		    SEEK_SET) != 0)
	return FALSE;

  if (!MY (write_syms) (abfd))
    return FALSE;

  if (bfd_get_symcount (abfd) != 0)
      if (bfd_seek (abfd, (file_ptr) N_TRELOFF (*execp), SEEK_CUR) != 0)
	return FALSE;
      if (!NAME (aout,squirt_out_relocs) (abfd, obj_textsec (abfd)))
	return FALSE;
      if (bfd_seek (abfd, (file_ptr) N_DRELOFF (*execp), SEEK_CUR) != 0)
	return FALSE;
      if (!NAME (aout,squirt_out_relocs) (abfd, obj_datasec (abfd)))
	return FALSE;

  return TRUE;