Example #1
OverlappedCall* OverlappedCall::GetActiveProcessOverlappedCall()
	// We no longer have a pool (for simplicity), so just answer a new thread every time.
	// The thread will be retained for use for all subseqeunt overlapped calls from the 
	// associated process.
	// The new OverlappedCall will have an initial reference of one from its
	// own thread. At the moment we have no ref. count on it.

	Process* pActiveProcess = Interpreter::actualActiveProcess();
	OverlappedCall* pOverlapped = pActiveProcess->GetOverlappedCall();
	if (pOverlapped == NULL)
		ProcessOTE* oteProcess = Interpreter::actualActiveProcessPointer();
		pOverlapped = OverlappedCall::New(oteProcess);

	return pOverlapped;