/// transferNodesFromList (MI) - When moving a range of instructions from one
/// MBB list to another, we need to update the parent pointers and the use/def
/// lists.
void ilist_traits<MachineInstr>::
transferNodesFromList(ilist_traits<MachineInstr> &fromList,
                      MachineBasicBlock::iterator first,
                      MachineBasicBlock::iterator last) {
  assert(Parent->getParent() == fromList.Parent->getParent() &&
        "MachineInstr parent mismatch!");

  // Splice within the same MBB -> no change.
  if (Parent == fromList.Parent) return;

  // If splicing between two blocks within the same function, just update the
  // parent pointers.
  for (; first != last; ++first)